My Players

Halfling Cleric of Yondalla5, the voice of reason in the group and the moral compass, comfortable in the role of the healer, Basic Optimization, Low System Mastery

Human Rogue2/Wizard3, happy to cast spells and find traps, really enjoys playing because everything is new to them, Low Optimization, Low System Mastery

Um, the Axe
Dwarf Barbarian5, the brute, loves the fact he has more HP than everyone else combined, easily bored when there is no combat, Moderate Optimization, Moderate System Mastery

Deathtouched Necropolitain Dread Necromancer4 (+2LA), the wildcard, trying to figure out how to play the arch villain and keep their neutral alignment, the main storyline is a distraction from their quest to raise an undead army and conquer the world, Mid-High Optimization, Extreme System Mastery