Cleaning the Sewers

So, on the blog were lagging a bit in the game log, so I’m going to make posts this week to try and catch everyone up on where the story was, and is, and will be.

When we last left out intrepid heroes they were attempting to clean out the sewers of the goblin menace between the fairly standard fantasy city of Bechamel.

You might remember from the “Slaying the Goblins” post they had captured a goblin, followed him down into the tunnels, gotten ambushed, and rescued the kidnapped women.

Once they had the captives secured, then the real work began.

The began working into the maze of tunnels. The dungeon was laid out so that they could not cover their rear. The tunnels looped around and back again, giving the defenders an advantage in mobility and surprise.

Basically, whenever they got into combat, they were always going to get hit from multiple angles, but they were canny enought to see it coming. They put their strongest fighters in the front, but kept their heavy armor cleric in the back, shielding the wizard from getting ganked.

Goblins are chaotic and stupid, for the most part, so without strong leadership they simply hit the party in successive waves, from as many angles simultaneously as possible.

They slaughtered the goblins as they went, not given a chance to rest, until they came to a large room that didn’t have goblins in it.

The room was scattered with goblin zombies, their first clue they were facing a necromancer. They quickly realized the zombies were the goblins they had been killing and leaving in their wake. They had been quietly gathered, recycled, and they had to face them a second time in this weaker form.

There, in the middle of the zombies, commanding them, was a flumph. The players had been asked by a friendly flumph to help find his brother, and this was the one they had been sent to find.

It’s flesh was grey and limp, and it’s eyes glowed with a malevolent, predatory light. It’s underspikes were stained with old blood as it floated above the goblin zombie (gombies?).

The barbarian grinned and charged, eager to try out his new cleave ability on the throng of undead. Is first swing struck true and he axes into the second, killing it also. As the zombies dropped to the ground from out of their corpses flew a spark of purple negative energy.

The necromancer wasn’t without a plan. The zombies themselves were worthless in battle, but each one carried a small spark of negative energy. The energy flew out and exploded, washing over the barbarian and the other zombies, hurting him and healing the others.

The barbarian took a second to assess how hard he’d just gotten hit, and do a quick headcount of the remaining zombies. He laughed and kept chopping.

The other adventurers focused on the flumph. They had experience with the undead before, and knew how weak a normal flumph was. What they didn’t have experience with was vampires.

The vampire flumph called out to the night to gather wolves and then attacked with his dominating gaze, trying to turn the barbarian against them, but fueled by rage he shook it off.

The mage countered with magic missile, knowing it would bypass the monsters damage resistances and armor. She threw all of her magic items into it, boosting damage and caster level, and rolled high.

“BLERG! Magic missiles! My only weakness!” It cried as it dissolved into mist and fled down the hall.

Most of the way through the zombie horde the barbarian saw it run and chased after it like a dog with a rabbit. Knowing how badly he had gotten hurt so far, the cleric called after him, “Wait! You don’t know whats back there!”

Rushing around the corner, the barbarian, without any reinforcements, ran face first into an ambush. Waiting around the corner, held in reserve, was a full sized ogre zombie with a greatclub.


The ogre smacked him once, full on, with an unconfirmed critical, and the barbarian knew he was in deep trouble. The cleric started sprinting to him and dropped the biggest heal he had.

The ogre got on two more shots, each time negating the healing the cleric had done, before the barbarian started hitting back. He kited it, falling back, knowing the zombie was far more sluggish than a living ogre, and hit it several times as it closed with him. The zombie was too mindless to use it’s reach advantage.

The dread necro in the party moved up with support him, and the mage tried to assist with her bow. She had already burned all her spells for the day in the earlier battles.

The barbarian finally got in a critical hit with his greataxe, sending the top half of the ogre spinning off to the left as it’s legs fell to the right.

The party stopped to catch their breath and take stock of their situation. The cleric was spend, and was down to wands of healing, the mage was burned out, the barbarian had used his rage and the dread necromancer had spent her time turning the zombies away from the barbarian to keep him from getting overwhelmed.

That’s when they heard the sounds of drums coming from down the hall…

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