The frozen city of Elsarime was once the prosperous island nation of Iwi Tapu. It was a land full of bountiful natural resources and sun kissed and bronze skinned natives. They went to bed one night and woke up the next morning in the Bastard Lands with the beginnings of frostbite.

Shown: Former tropical paradise

They discovered their entire island chain had been transported along the feet of a massive mountain range, far in the frozen north of their new world. They literally almost died.

They quickly began burning whatever wood they had stockpiled and felled additional trees for fuel. They upgraded their grass skirts for the warmer furs of the local animals. Regardless, they were fairly doomed in the long run, and they knew it.

What really saved them was divine intervention. The goddess Ahi, once a minor deity in their pantheon, became the center of their new culture. They discovered that idols to Ahi actually generated heat, and a small effigy (something the size of a toaster) could heat an entire hut.

The Iwi Tapu became monotheistic almost overnight.

Reaching out, they established trade with the confused dwarves in the mountains around them, trading skilled woodwork for metal weapons and armor and adopting their alphabet for writing. It was from these initial jumbled encounters their name was changed in translation to Elsarime.

Far from any known body of water, they repurposed their catamarans with blades, able to go over snow and ice with ease. The adopted the axes that kept them alive at the beginning as their signature weapons, wielding them either two handed or with a large round shield painted with frightful imagery.

While some of the Iwi Tapu migrated south to warmer climates, the bulk of them remained in their new home, content to see through whatever fate had brought them.

(So the name of this exercise was called “narrative super-collider”. I took two awesome nautical cultures and I slammed them together like a kid with a pair of HeMan toys. Hope you liked he result.)

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