Elochian Gnomes

Elochian Gnomes generally have large eyes, straight hair, thin facial features and pale thin skin. They take their name from their city, Elochia, and carried from their old world the most advanced magitech found in the Bastard Lands.

That’s a Tleilaxu, but close enough for now. (Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/Gun-it-is)

Implants, rideable golems, enhanced armors, eternal wands and fantastical flying conveyances all stem from Elochian innovations. Their golem corps were unrivalled on the battlefield and even their rank and file soldiers were equipped with magical weaponry.

The city of Elochia itself was a marvel. The fortress city floated above the ground, and when the patchwork of the new world was created the entire city was plucked out of the air and transported whole to it’s new home.

The gnomes were, of course, unhappy having been stolen, but their mobile position allowed them to adapt quickly, and they set themselves to escaping back to their old homeland.

With their only hope laying in they magical prowess, a minor gnomish god of technology, Mancer, became their focus of worship. He, in trade, blessed them with the secrets of greater craftsmanship.

They set up a series of ground stations where they could dock and resupply and trade with their new neighbors.

The entire time they considered themselves above the problems around them. They kept to themselves, insular and isolated, trading the services of their golem corps for alliances and supplies.

Then the invasion came, the demons found a weakness in the barrier between their world and the prime material, and exploited it, tearing open the space between the two and allowing their bloodthirsty horde to pour in.

The heroes of that age rallied together, calling on the nation’s to band together and stand against this new threat, and the gnomes gave their response in a grand fashion.

Instead of deploying their golem corps in their glorious array, they enacted the escape plan they had been working on the entire time.

A crackling field of energy whipped around their floating city and with a flash of light they disappeared.

The world was not theirs. The gnomes, without their ties to any place or group, hadn’t adopted the new world as their own, in the same way the terrestrial races had. And, when the new world was in crisis, they simply left.

They left behind relics of their having been there, as well as the various bases had used for trade, but where they went, and how they went, was to this day a mystery.

They did leave behind one unlucky band of gnomes, the fourth light golem lance, that had been deployed to the city of Elsarime in the far north and had not returned in time. They returned from their mission to find themselves without a home.

They joined the battle against the demons and aquitted themselves well, and afterward the survivors retreated to the most substantial settlement the Elochians had created, the Fortress Peregrine, in the Peregrine Mountain Range.

They continued to export magical items, but it was clear the greatest craftsmen among them had left with the city.


*+2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution.

*Humanoid (Gnome).

*Small: As a Small creature, an Elochian gnome gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but he uses smaller weapons than humans use, and his lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.

*Elochian gnome base land speed is 20 feet.

*Aura Vision: An Elochian gnome can read the auras of an enchantment. After one minute of handling an item or concentrating on an environmental effect, the gnome may determine it’s magical properties as if he had cast detect magic. The range of this effect is touch.

*Weapon Familiarity: Elochian gnomes may treat siege weapons as martial weapons rather than exotic weapons.

*+1 to caster level when creating magic items.

*Favored Class: Wizard. A multiclass Elochian gnome’s wizard class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty. All golem pilots have a minimum of one wizard level to interface properly.

*Level Adjustment: +0.

(I know, as a rule, there are no +2 Int/LA +0 races in core 3.5. Rules were meant to be broken)

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